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MaxRoot hair serum is a cosmetic hair gel made from 100% organic citrus fruit. This gentle and effective hair serum naturally volumizes hair, restores hair color, prevents dandruff, and relieves itchy scalps.

Maxroot is rich in
MaxRoot hair serum is derived from the extract of the Makrut Lime (Citrus Hystrix). This extract contains a high concentration of the perfect elixir of healthy nutrients that strengthen hair from Root to Tip. and VITAMINS B1, B2, B3, B5, B12,

Sold Around Globe
MaxRoot hair serum gel has had success selling internationally. Especially in Southeast Asia and Europe, MaxRoot has proven itself to be effective and desired by consumers that want fuller and darker hair. Now taking off in the INDIA
Our MaxRoot hair serum is derived from the pure extract of a superfruit known as the makrut lime (citrus hystrix). We have tapped into the potent power of this unique type of lime that originates from Southeast Asia. The makrut lime produces many positive effects for hair and scalps because it contains a perfect combination of nutrients that maximize hair health. This natural vitamin elixir is rich with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C, E, biotin, and protein.
                This aromatic lime with its bumpy exterior is primarily grown in Thailand, where it has long been used to make hair clean, silky, beautiful, and delightfully fragranced. It is also used to refresh and invigorate the scalp. Because the lime’s rind has a distinct tangy flavor, they are commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisines to enhance the taste of food. The peel and rind are used in air fresheners and shampoo for their pleasant citrus blossom aroma. The oil from the glossy leaves are infused into soap, deodorants, and body sprays. The natives of Thailand relax in hot baths by adding a few drops of the oil. Indonesian cultures brush their teeth with the lime juice to promote dental health.
MaxRoot is made up of 100% organic makrut lime extract. This gel serum is the natural way to add volume and darken the color of your hair without using any harmful chemicals. MaxRoot is free from all unsafe toxins, fillers, alcohol, and pesticides. Every batch is extensively tested in the laboratory to prevent all contaminants. Absolutely no animal testing was done in the process of creating MaxRoot. After over 3 years on the market and thousands of boxes sold, there have been NO known incidences of an allergic reaction. Although, if you feel like you may be having an allergic reaction immediately stop use and seek out medical attention.
                The sad truth is that many similar hair care products contain harsh and harmful ingredients such petroleum, silicones, and artificial colors. Such toxic ingredients can be potentially dangerous to you and your hair. Many products also contain artificial fragrances which can irritate your scalp. So whether you normally have an itchy scalp or it is caused by the current products you are using, MaxRoot will naturally soothe your scalp as it prevents itchiness and irritations. MaxRoot’s pleasant fragrance is derived solely from the makrut limes. In fact, many families in Southeast Asia use this citrus fruit in their air fresheners.
MaxRoot hair serum contains a high concentration of the perfect combination of nature’s best nutrients for healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. Aside from being specialized for optimizing hair health, they also promote the overall wellness of the entire body. Your skin is permeable enabling it to absorb nutrients into the body faster and more effectively than oral supplements. Applying MaxRoot directly onto your scalp maximizes its efficacy to improve fullness and color.